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The tuition fee of each course is different according to the type of class, practical and theoretical working hours, and after choosing the type of course, you can pay the tuition fee by visiting in person or coordinating with the official of Ben Kafi Academy (online payment is not possible).

1- Copy of national ID card 2- A photograph 3- Payment of tuition fee to the bank or through the card reader at the academy 4- Completing and signing the registration request form.

According to the rules and regulations of the institution, those students who have subscribed to the YouTube channel of the group by entering the YouTube address of the group will benefit from a 5% discount.

The effort of this institution has always been in the direction of employing the most qualified teachers and personnel. The institute is equipped with modern and sufficient facilities and the best educational tools and systems have been used to facilitate education. In case of students' effort and seriousness, their success and learning is guaranteed.

In case of passing the courses, the students will receive a certificate of completion of the course.

The latest equipment, raw materials and consumables related to various educational fields of hot, cold, restaurant, etc., as well as educational aids and equipment such as LED, OVERHEAD, and LAPTOP

Experience has shown that active and successful students at Ben Kafi Academy have been more successful than other people in employment. . On the one hand, the interest in learning and on the other hand, space, advanced equipment and professors who are familiar with the latest achievements of the day can be a great help to spark interest.

The priority of the institute is planning to hold group classes. But in many cases when students need private classes due to reasons such as lack of time, Ben Kafi Collection will be happy to cooperate.

In order to encourage and encourage students to try as much as possible, Ben Kafi Collection has considered a discount percentage for their participation in the upcoming courses of Ben Kafi Educational Collection, which is different according to different classes.

By visiting the site and entering the username and password, students can enter their personal page and then select their desired course from the registration menu and select the registration option from the bar in front of it. While studying the institution's rules, register and then pay the class fee in person.

All the professors of the institute are selected by passing professional rounds and valuable experiences, and during each semester, multiple reviews are done through the respective heads of groups, therefore, all the professors of the group have a high-quality teaching standard.

If students forget their password, they should go to the "Forgot your password" section to get a new password, by entering their national code in the user code field and mobile number registered in the system.

Respected students can leave their criticisms and suggestions through the collection's e-mail at, the contact section of the institution's website, and also contact our head office.

Due to the unique method of the group, which is the teaching of both theoretical and practical parts, you can get the best possible benefit from attending the courses at any age.