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According to the laws of computer crimes, boncoffeeacademy website undertakes to protect your information, dear users, using all its facilities and resources, and will not provide this information to other institutions and organizations for the purpose of advertising or other services. Also, boncoffeeacademy website users have full authority to delete their personal information that they have provided to us during registration. We also request users to be sure to observe security measures and whenever they plan to register somewhere or enter their personal information. Pay attention to the website address because the boncoffeeacademy website is not responsible for external links.

What kind of personal data do we collect and why?

Information such as frequency of visits, duration of visits, browser version and many other technical information will be used only to improve services and will not be related to personal information. This information will not be sold or provided to third parties and will only be used to optimize this website. When visitors post a comment on the website, we collect the data left in the comment form. In addition, we also check and collect the IP address (Internet Protocol address) of users and user agent (web tracking) to identify spam. When sharing images on the website, you should avoid placing images that contain data about specific location (EXIF GPS). Visitors can receive and extract location data of images from the website.


After sharing a comment on the website, you can decide whether your name, email address and website will be saved in a cookie or not. You have the right to choose in this field, but if you accept the storage of information in a cookie, you will not need to fill in the mentioned information form in your next visits to the website to share opinions. Cookies are valid for 1 year on the website. If you have a user account on the website and log in with it, we will set a temporary cookie for you to determine whether your browser accepts cookies or not. This cookie does not contain any personal and private data and it stops when you close your browser. After you log into your account on the website, several cookies are installed and set to store your login information and the choices you made on the website page. If you log out of your account, the login cookies will be lost. The boncoffeeacademy website uses cookies only for the purpose of better user experience and will not be considered for any advertising purposes or things that cause the slightest disturbance to the user.
Sourced content from another website Articles on this site may contain content from different sources (video, image, text, etc.). If a content from another website is placed on our website, it will be published in the same format and form as it is seen on the same website.

How long do we keep your information?

If you share your comment on our website, the comment and its meta data will be stored indefinitely. In this case, it will be possible to track comments automatically, and there will be no need to keep comments pending review. Users who register on our website, their user information is also saved. All users can view their information, edit it or delete their personal information whenever they wish. Website administrators can also view and edit this information.

Website administrators can also view and edit this information.

If you have a user account or share a comment on this website, you have the right to request your personal data file - that is, the data we have received and stored from you. This data includes everything you leave on the website. In addition, the right to request to delete all your personal data is fully reserved. Of course, this data does not include those that we have for administrative, legal and security purposes.