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Coffee shop and restaurant

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Setting up: Often, many people who are looking to start a coffee shop business do not know where to open a coffee shop or restaurant. We will give you any information you need to open and operate a coffee shop and restaurant. Financial planning, business plan development, different menu’s, establishment location, attractive decoration, etc. are things that you will get to know in these classes Equipment: In the unique classes of coffee shop and restaurant equipment of Bon Coffee Academy, due to the number of implemented and ongoing projects, students have a great opportunity to learn practical topics from experienced teachers, and topics such as types, space and equipment The need for a place that conforms to urban and environmental standards, required raw materials, optimal storage of raw materials, recruitment and training of personnel, etc. are taught here. Coffee shop and restaurant management: Restaurant and café management involves dealing with various challenges including public relations, finances, how to treat employees and customer service. Sometimes the ownership and management of the restaurant is the responsibility of one person, and it is obvious that their responsibility will be twofold; But sometimes the management of the restaurant is the responsibility of a person other than the owner of the restaurant. Bon coffee Academy, with the knowledge of its teachers in this field will teach you how to deal with all the related matters, such as knowing the role of advertising in increasing sales, monitoring financial circulation, carrying out activities that cause approaching advanced goals and the evaluation of the daily work report, etc. Academy will attract students to learn this very important and specialized category. Cost control: Teaching the category of cost control and scientific and practical supervision from the input to the output of the items that enter the cafe and restaurant complex is also one of the attractive educational programs of the Bon Coffee Institute.
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