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Roasting Course

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Sensory skills: Maybe you have also wondered how some foods and drinks make you feel good, and others make you feel bad. The answer to this question lies in the CNS system, the sense of smell and the sense of taste for each person, which works differently according to experiences and memory of people. Coffee is the sense that occurs in your mouth when you drink coffee. It may be described as very mild and light and thin, medium or heavy and thick... Join us to open the doors of the mysterious world of aromas and flavors and how to enjoy this magical elixir as much as possible. The steps we will teach you is the basic of roasting and producing the highest quality of coffee... Green Bean: The long and fascinating story of coffee, which starts from heights parts of America, Africa and Asia and continues to homes of every inhabitant of the earth, begins with a green bean; the green coffee bean with familiar names, Robusta and Arabia; commercial and special... To decipher this unique special drink, join us in roasting classes... Roasting: Teaching an artistic combination of science and experience occurs in classes, which is the production of roasting coffee. With SCA-approved professors and the latest technological roasting equipment, Bon Coffee Academy is with you in a completely practical environment, from knowing green beans to roasting and producing aromatic and tasty coffee.
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