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Barista course

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Introduction of coffee: Who would believe that the seeds of the coffee tree would show up in a journey from the bean to the stem and the cherry to roasting and brewing? Be with us to learn everything about coffee in introductory coffee classes. Barista skills: It is a long way making ground coffee to a drinking a cup of tasty and aromatic coffee extract in a pleasant atmosphere... Be with us to experience the necessary skills in this field as the best in the country and add yourself to the list of bests. Brewing coffee: Pre-brewing or "bloom" stage is the first stage of brewing . A small amount of water to soak the ground coffee and a little patience for the carbon dioxide trapped in the roasting process to free and... If you want to reach the peak of pleasure by drinking a cup of aromatic coffee, don’t miss the professional coffee brewing classes. Chemistry of coffee: A strange green bean, with thousands of secrets in its heart, a collection of caffeine, different acids reminiscent of dreamy aromas and flavors, linoleic fatty acids that our body needs, and... By attending Bon coffee Academy and cracking this mysterious bean, surpass everyone in processing and extracting. Water and investigating the effect of elements in it: Water, this colorless liquid, which we use to brew all coffees, contains many things. Despite being colorless, there are a lot of soluble and solid substances in it. This nutrient has a major impact on the quality of your coffee. Also note that if the water you drink is not harmful to your health; it can still contain substances that make your coffee tasteless or even bad... About 98% of your coffee is water. You have chosen the right place for the best extraction; Bon Coffee Academy is here for you... Latte Art: By combination of whiteness of milk and the pleasant color of coffee, latte art teachers at Bon Coffee Academy will distinguish you in serving coffee at cafés and parties...
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